Nov 25

Should I File for Divorce Before or After the Holidays?

The subject of whether to stay married frequently arises for our clients on the cusp of the winter holiday season. Measuring the benefits of waiting until after the holidays against any urgent need to file for divorce to protect an asset or obtain court orders concerning parenting time and temporary support is common. If you find yourself struggling with whether to file for divorce now or wait until the beginning of 2016, here are some practical considerations:

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Nov 24

Attorney Anne Davis to serve as President of the Memphis Bar Association's Family Law Section

Congratulations to Anne Davis, an associate with Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid PLLC, who will be serving a one year term as the President of the Family Law Section of the Memphis Bar Association.

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Jul 18

Attorneys Anne McCarroll and Lisa Gill Complete NITA Family Law Advocacy Program

Congratulations to attorneys Anne McCarroll and Lisa Gill on their graduation from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy's Family Law Advocacy Institute in Boulder, Colorado. This annual program, overseen by the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA) is a rigorous, 8-day trial advocacy and education program which simulates trial for new and experienced family law attorneys to hone advocacy skills, learn cutting-edge trial techniques, and explore the latest theories in expert witness preparation and cross examination.

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Jul 06

Partner Anne Johnson Mead selected to Tennessee Shakespeare Company's Board of Directors

Anne Johnson Mead was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for Tennessee Shakespeare Company, beginning  July 1, 2015. Tennessee Shakespeare Company is a professional, 501(c)(3) theatre and education organization performing not only the plays of Williams Shakespeare, but also of classical and Southern writers. The Company also provides innovative year-round educational and training programming for the community. To learn more, visit their website:

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Jun 26

Supreme Court Holds Constitution Guarantees Right to Same-Sex Marriage

Today the United States Supreme Court held in Obergefell v. Hodges that the Constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage.  

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Jun 08

Tennessee Appellate Court Decision Provides Guidance for Attorney Fee Awards in Divorce Litigation

On June 3, 2015, the Tennessee Court of Appeals for the Western District issued an opinion in the matter of   Holdsworth v. Holdsworth that is notable for its stance on the practice of courts awarding attorney fees and suit expenses in divorce litigation.

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May 26

Termination of Parental Rights in Tennessee

 Both the United States Constitution and the Tennessee Constitution protect a biological parent's right to raise a child, free from interference. This right can be limited, and even terminated, in certain circumstances. The Supreme Court of Tennessee’s recent opinion, in re Kaliyah S. et al, addresses the method by which Courts in Tennessee are to consider whether to terminate a parent's right to raise a child, and what consideration must be given to the efforts that have been made by the Department of Children’s Services to reunify a family.

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May 11

Inappropriate Marital Conduct and Divorce in Tennessee

Inappropriate marital conduct is the most common fault-based reason alleged for divorce in Tennessee, and includes a wide range of conduct. Such conduct can be considered by a Court when it makes an award of alimony. 

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May 04

BSHR Adds Attorneys Shaina Zakalik and Abigail Hall to Firm's Expanding Practice

The firm welcomes new attorneys Shaina Zakalik and Abigail Hall to Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid, PLLC. 

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May 01

Partner Susan Hinsley on "Question of Law"

Partner Susan Hinsley recently appeared on the show "Question of Law" . . . 

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