Dec 16

Holiday Parenting Tips for Single Parents

Parents have the privilege of creating the holiday spirit for their children.  The holiday spirit a parent creates will shape a child’s memories of the holidays, which children carry into adulthood. It is this sense of the holiday a parent creates for a child that becomes a tradition, and upon which children will rely when re-creating the magic of the holidays as adults for their children. Family tradition therefore dictates that this privilege is also an important responsibility. As you create magical holiday traditions in your own post-separation or post-divorce family, keep these tips in mind.

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Dec 08

Partner Lara Butler Elected to Memphis Bar Association Board of Directors

Congratulations to Partner Lara Butler on her recent election to the Memphis Bar Association's Board of Directors. 

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Dec 01

What To Do When Your Spouse Threatens Divorce

When your spouse threatens divorce it can be for a number of reasons, other than his or her intention to actually file for divorce.

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Nov 24

Staci Kilgore to serve on Executive Committee of the Greater Memphis Paralegal Alliance

Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid's Office Manager / Legal Assistant Staci Kilgore was recently elected to the position of Parliamentarian with the Executive Committee of the Greater Memphis Paralegal Alliance

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Nov 17

Tennessee Parental Bill of Rights in Custody Matters

The Tennessee parental bill of rights provides certain rights to access and communication with a child when that child is in the care of the other parent, as well as the right to receive information from doctors, teachers and to receive information about your child in the event of an emergency. In July 2014 Tennessee's legislature revised the parental bill of rights to address some of the matters that continually arise between separated parents who are attempting to successfully co-parent children.

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Nov 10

Toy Bash, a Gala to Benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis

Attorneys Gail Sevier and Anne McCarroll are on the host committee for Toy Bash, a gala to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis, to be held December 5, 2014 at Minglewood Hall. Be sure to buy your tickets from the Boys & Girls Club now!

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Nov 03

Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid, PLLC Expands Offices to East Memphis

Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid now has two offices to serve the Memphis area. In addition to the first office in downtown Memphis, the firm has added another location in east Memphis at 6000 Poplar Avenue, Suite 250, Memphis, Tennessee 38119. You may still schedule appointments and contact attorneys and staff at 901.578.8888. 

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Oct 29

The Importance of Discovery in Your Divorce Case

  The process of discovery encompasses several avenues. Your attorney can submit a document of questions –known as Interrogatories— to the other party to be answered under oath. Your attorney can ask for a production of documents such as financial records. Under certain circumstances you may also request a mental examination of your spouse. Additionally, depositions or oral testimony are taken as a follow up to Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents. Relevant persons and possible witnesses such as neighbors may also be deposed. A party to a lawsuit is required to comply with the methods above or face sanctions from the court.

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Oct 22

Preparing for a Deposition

Your attorney informs you that you have been served with a subpoena to be deposed by opposing counsel. You may have never heard of the word, or you may have concerns about the process. Here are a few things you need to know.

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Oct 01

Butler, Sevier, Hinsley & Reid, PLLC to Provide Domestic Violence Mediation Services

Four of our five Rule 31 Mediators, Lara Butler, Susan Hinsley Prichard, Anne Johnson Mead and Anne McCarroll, completed the 12 hour course required to receive the additional Rule 31 Mediator certification for Domestic Violence. With the expansion of our offices onto the 11th as well as 13th floors of the 88 Union Avenue office building, Butler Sevier Hinsley & Reid is now able to provide mediation services in cases where parties need separate entrances and exits due to orders of protection or in situations where one party needs the feeling of security and safety available by separating the parties.

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