Many potential clients first reach out to our firm when it becomes clear that his or her relationship is unraveling, but it is not yet clear what direction he or she should take next. Information and  guidance from a lawyer concerning what your next move could, or should, be is the subject of most consultations. At other times our potential clients seek our advice in an emergency that requires immediate action and relief from a court. At these consultations, you can expect your attorney to ask you for information about your relationship and for background information about you and your family. The attorney will  advise you of how the law applies to your situation, and  answer any specific questions you may have. Your attorney may guide you in developing a strategy for what to do next, depending on your expectations for your relationship. This is also your opportunity to decide if our firm is the right fit for you. Feel free to ask any question you may have about your attorney’s ability, training, areas of legal concentration or preferences.