Modification of Orders Concerning Children

As children grow, their needs change. Although the state mandated Permanent Parenting Plans are designed to meet the needs of growing children there can be changes in circumstance that are significant enough to warrant a modification of child support, custody, parenting schedules, and the allocation of decision making between parents. Deciding when it is time to approach your ex-spouse about modifying your parenting plan, and creating a strategy for seeking relief through mediation, settlement negotiations or from the Court can be discussed at a consultation with our office. 

Modification of Divorce Settlements

Marital Dissolution Agreements are contracts that often specify the completion of acts that are to occur in the future, such as the ongoing payment of alimony, division of retirement accounts, or the division of income realized from the sale of real estate or personal property. There may be circumstances that arise which necessitate the modification of these acts. Further there may be situations when a party to that contract refuses or fails to perform the acts required by the appropriate deadline. Seeking relief of obligations imposed by a contract may be necessary to prevent contempt actions against you if you are unable to honor your agreement due to some unforseen circumstance. To determine your options for enforcing your divorce settlement or seeking to modify it, you may schedule a consult with our office.