Enforcement of Orders

Our attorneys regularly handle matters in which the Court is asked to enforce orders and/or hold a party in contempt of court for failure to comply with orders concerning:

  • property division;
  • child support;
  • parenting time both during the regular day to day schedule and holiday time;
  • payment of extracurricular expenses;
  • payment of alimony; and
  • any other provision in a court order.

Most frequently, post-judgment petitions are filed because a party has failed to pay the court-ordered child support or alimony obligation. In these cases, a petitioner will typically seek to establish the obligor's default (failure to pay) and then obtain a judgment for the unpaid child support or alimony. The petitioner will typically also seek compliance with the court's order using a variety of tools at our disposal, including wage withholding orders, garnishments, levies and liens. Further, depending on the state and the particular enforcement and contempt issue at hand, a defendant may be incarcerated and/or ordered to pay the petitioner's reasonable attorney fees.

You can schedule a consultation to discuss your situation if you have an ex-spouse or parent who is not following court orders to learn of your options for enforcement and collection of certain amounts.